Ma Ying-jeou


Ma Quizzed on Taiwan’s Capital, International Students Respond

Hsu Chia-yu

'I was afraid that Ma would give some politically incorrect answers. If he did so, then we, the Chinese students, would probably have to do something to protest against it.'


Ma Ying-jeou’s Great SOPA Whitewash

J. Michael Cole

The former Taiwanese president had a golden opportunity to give hope to embattled journalists in Hong Kong. He blew it.


Ma Blocked from Hong Kong: Security Risk or Political Football?

Shuhei Omi

The Tsai administration has rejected former president Ma’s application to travel to Hong Kong, inciting finger-pointing from both sides of Taiwan’s politics.


Taiwan President’s Visit to South China Sea Island Faces International Criticism


On January 28, President Ma Ying-jeou will visit Itu Aba Island in the South China Sea, also known as Taiping Island in Taiwan. The US is disappointed by the trip and says it is extremely unhelpful to the sensitive situation in the area. Vietnam’s representative in Taiwan also strongly protests against Ma’s trip.

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