A Bear and a Complex Character: New Symbols of Taiwanese Patriotism?

J. Michael Cole

Symbols are essential to nationalism, and Taiwan will need more of those if it is to succeed in making the case for its continued existence as a distinct political entity on the international stage.


A Catalyst for KMT Reform?

J. Michael Cole

In post-Sunflower Taiwan, the KMT’s ‘ill-gotten’ assets are more scarlet letter than an advantage.


Hong Kong's Loyalty Oath: Gambling Again on Ambiguity

Suzanne Pepper

As if they hadn’t created enough trouble for themselves in Hong Kong, Beijing leaders seem to be banking again on the dubious benefits of ambiguity.


Taiwan No Longer a Top 10 Tourism Destination for Chinese

Hsu Chia-yu

Taiwan has reportedly been struck off the list of hottest travel destinations for Chinese. And a satirical campaign celebrating top Taiwan tourism spots 'without Chinese tourists' has sparked anger.

Zhang Zhijun_張志軍

Beijing Alters Recent History: Says Taipei Suspended Dialogue

J. Michael Cole

China unilaterally suspended cross-strait communication mechanisms late last month after judging that President Tsai had failed to meet Beijing’s expectations.


South China Sea: A Course-Correction is Needed

Stephen Grenville

What would be the basis of this 'Outside-UNCLOS' framework? The starting-point is a recognition that 'win-win' is better than a contest with a winner and a loser.


Chinese Communist Youth League Wins: Film Drops Taiwanese Actor from Project

J. Michael Cole

After weeks of pressure online and a threat of boycott by Chinese ultranationalists, a film studio has given in and chose to replace Taiwan’s award-winning actor Leon Dai.

h_524603782 外勞

HIV-Positive Migrant Worker Dispute Sparks Controversy in Taiwan

Yuan-ling Liang

An employment dispute involving the treatment of an HIV-infected migrant worker in Taiwan has sparked controversy.


Line Makes Strong Debut on New York Stock Exchange

ZiQing Low

With a strong user base in Taiwan, Japan and Thailand, the Line app is trying to break into the world market, where Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are the dominant players.


Swing Dancers Introduce Taipei to the World

Chang Shin-wei

'Naughty Swing' dancers performed at 30 tourist attractions around Taipei, including Chiou Fen, Ximen Red House, Bopiliao Old Street, the Shilin Night Market, and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

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