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Coronavirus Risks in US Go Beyond Getting Sick

Deutsche Welle

Many American service-industry workers, nurses and students feel exposed in the face of their precarious situations and the U.S. government's bungled response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has been called "a failure."

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Analyzing Taiwan's Draft Law on Foreign Talent

David Green

The draft act on hiring foreign talent passed last week does more to make life easier for foreign workers and their families already in Taiwan than it does to entice fresh white-collar recruits to the beautiful island.


Expat Couple Shocked by US$41k Taiwan Hospital Bill

ZiQing Low

An expat couple in Taiwan have started a crowdfunding campaign after being hit with a surprise medical bill after the birth of their twin daughters.


Doctor Goes On Hunger Strike Against Taiwan Health Insurance Claim System

Chang Shin-wei

A point system used to calculate state reimbursements to hospitals and clinics is seen as unfair by a number of practitioners.


Taiwan Medical Community Concerned About The Medical Payment Reformation


The health care system in Taiwan is a worldwide research topic, and the recent medical payment reformation within the system has led to criticism from the medical community.


Taiwan Hospitals Overcrowded; Medical Reformation Groups Call for New Systems


Zhang Ke-shi, Secretary-General of TCHA points out that currently the hospitals are overcrowded while almost half of the local clinics have shut down. He says that medical centers were meant for patients in need of critical care, but now the system is almost paralyzed because people are used to coming in for minor illnesses. This not only increases the medical staff's workload, but the doctors are also forced to cut back their teaching and research time.

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Minister of Education says National Health Insurance should be Provided for Mainland Chinese Students

Shih Yuan

The Minister of Education Wu Se-hwa says from an education point of view, all students coming from outside of Taiwan should be treated the same. Health insurance is provided for overseas Chinese students and foreign students in Taiwan, but not for those from Mainland China, which has led to some disputes on campus.


Taiwan President Calls For Including Chinese Students in the Health Insurance System

Zou Chi

Ma pointed out that Taiwan regulations still have some limitations upon the Chinese students, and the students take these limitations as discrimination. For example, the Chinese students have no health insurance according to the current regulations. Ma asks if other foreign students can have health insurance, why can't the Chinese students?


Survey Brings Light to Taiwan Medical Reform


Most of the public believes the Ministry of Health and Welfare should formulate related regulations as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary medical waste.

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