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How Well Does Taiwan Support People With Disabilities?

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan's medical establishment views the disabled body as something that needs to be fixed, and this discourages people with disabilities from participating in society.


Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance: Bundled Payments Model

Patrick Ng

Taiwan has nearly two decades of successful experience with bundled payment programs. Expanding these programs is a priority for the country.

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Can Tax Breaks Boost Private Health Insurance in China?

Ni Dandan

National tax incentives have produced a surge in inquiries, but eligible policies hold little appeal for most individuals.


Why China’s Modern Barefoot Doctors Are Walking Away

Cai Yiwen

Despite government moves to improve primary care in the countryside, village doctors are under increasing pressure.


Technology Assisting Physically and Mentally Challenged Individuals in Taiwan

Austin Chad Willhoft

Many physically challenged individuals experience difficulties registering for expensive government service programs. The Icebreaker Association is trying to help through technology.


Taiwan Hospitals Overcrowded; Medical Reformation Groups Call for New Systems


Zhang Ke-shi, Secretary-General of TCHA points out that currently the hospitals are overcrowded while almost half of the local clinics have shut down. He says that medical centers were meant for patients in need of critical care, but now the system is almost paralyzed because people are used to coming in for minor illnesses. This not only increases the medical staff's workload, but the doctors are also forced to cut back their teaching and research time.

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Taiwanese Will Be Able To File Taxes With Health Insurance IC Cards Next Year


The Fiscal Information Center points out people need to prepare a health insurance card and a card scanner to register their health insurance IC card on the Internet. By next year, they will only need the card and password to file taxes, which may save a huge amount of money and time.


Survey Brings Light to Taiwan Medical Reform


Most of the public believes the Ministry of Health and Welfare should formulate related regulations as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary medical waste.

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