Suicide Deaths Hit Three-Year High in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for those aged 15-24.


Terrace House Star Hana Kimura Could Not Escape Cyberbullying

TNL Staff

Terrace House star Hana Kimura, 22, committed suicide on May 23. Like many reality show stars, her reputation may have been smeared by what South Koreans have dubbed “devil’s editing,” leading to an outpouring of abusive comments.


TAIWAN: What Really Happened During the Kansai Airport Evacuation?

Global Voices

Misinformation about how the evacuation of Chinese and Taiwanese citizens was handled contributed to the suicide of a Taiwanese diplomat.


OPINION: South Korea Must Turn Apathy into Action on Mental Health

Nicole de Souza

It's time for South Korea to overcome the stigma surrounding mental health.

A Taiwan Witch Burning

A Taiwan Witch Burning

Edward White

If it is true, Lin Yu-ru's story may go a long way in explaining how her life deteriorated to the point that she decided to kill her husband. Does it also mean that one of Taiwan’s most infamous serial killers isn’t responsible for the death of her mother and mother-in-law?

Exercise book with male and female symbols on wooden background-2015

Why It’s Time for Chinese Educators to Open Up About Sex

Hu Jiawei

Deeply ingrained conservative attitudes prevent parents and teachers alike from speaking frankly — something that is detrimental to children in China.


HK Youth Suicides Spark Calls for Fresh Look at Academic Pressure

Rosemary Chen

Two secondary school students in Hong Kong committed suicide within a 24-hour time span this week.


OPINION: Preventing Youth Suicides in Japan

The Japan Times

Why do more than 300 Japanese schoolchildren take their own lives every year?


The Suicidal and Voiceless in China

Chublic Opinion

'The tragedy stunned, confused and angered a lot of people, who only slowly came to the gruesomeness of the case following the revelation of disturbing details of the struggling family living in the remote mountains of Gansu province, one of the poorest corners of the country.'

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