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Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan Will Help Thailand’s Economy Recover to Its Former Growth

Roy Ngerng

By significantly increasing Thailand’s minimum wage, the new government will revive the economy to its former growth, with surges in employment rate and purchasing power that come after.


Inequality Fueling the Fire for Thailand’s Political Change

East Asia Forum

Long years of economic inequality under Thailand’s military government has fueled the people’s backfiring support for the opposition parties, making them win a landslide victory in the national election this year.


Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan Will Enable Faster Growth of Thailand’s Domestic Economy

Roy Ngerng

Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s proposal of minimum wage increase will enable faster growth of Thailand’s domestic economy, by striking a better balance on growth between manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.


Youth Party Seeks to Move Thailand Forward from Army Control

Voice of America

Pheu Thai and Move Forward share a desire to get the army out of politics and they could form a coalition if their combined seats exceed the majority.

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