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OPINION: Despite a Shady Record, Hong Kong's Business 'Superman' Retires to Adulation

Mike Lee

A reflection on the less outstanding elements of Li Ka-shing's track record as the Hong Kong business magnate retires.


Pension Reform in Asia is Extremely Difficult to Get Right

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] As pension reform protesters cause major headaches for the government in Taiwan, what lessons can be drawn from Hong Kong and Singapore?


Problems with Retired Japanese Officials Seeking Jobs

The Japan Times

Japan faces problems with government officials seeking to secure post-retirement job opportunities with businesses and organizations that want to build and maintain connections with the bureaucracy that oversees their industries.


Taiwanese Afraid To Retire Unless They Have NT$10 Million Saved


Although over half of the people depend on government pension to cope with their living expenditure after retirement, people do not trust the management of the government. The survey finds that 64% of people worry Greece's financial crisis will occur in Taiwan due to the excessive welfare subsidies.


Being A School Principal in Taiwan is No Longer An Honor

Zou Chi

Educators say teaching environments are making it difficult for principals to run their schools. They also say education competitiveness will decrease if conditions keep worsening.

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