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Thailand’s New Government Puts a Populist Face on the Country’s Discredited Establishment

East Asia Forum

Thailand’s Pheu Thai party, linked to deposed PM Thaksin Shinawatra, regains power in a coalition with military proxy parties. The move is seen as a risk of internal infighting and regime instability, as surveys show public opposition to the alliance.


Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan Will Help Thailand’s Economy Recover to Its Former Growth

Roy Ngerng

By significantly increasing Thailand’s minimum wage, the new government will revive the economy to its former growth, with surges in employment rate and purchasing power that come after.


Inequality Fueling the Fire for Thailand’s Political Change

East Asia Forum

Long years of economic inequality under Thailand’s military government has fueled the people’s backfiring support for the opposition parties, making them win a landslide victory in the national election this year.


Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan Will Enable Faster Growth of Thailand’s Domestic Economy

Roy Ngerng

Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s proposal of minimum wage increase will enable faster growth of Thailand’s domestic economy, by striking a better balance on growth between manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.


Thai King Opens Parliament; Pita Faces Obstacles To Becoming PM

Voice of America

If Pita Limjaroenrat’s progress is blocked, Pheu Thai leaders are expected to nominate a candidate more likely to pass the threshold of 376 to become premier.


How Thailand’s Economy Will Benefit From Move Forward and Pheu Thai’s Minimum Wage Plan

Roy Ngerng

The proposals by the Move Forward Party and Pheu Thai will increase the minimum wage by between 33.5% and 78.0% by this year and 2027, respectively.


Thailand’s Military Machinations Will Define Post-Election Political Maneuvering

East Asia Forum

In at least two decades, all security commanders in Thailand will be rotated. Caretaker Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will use the reshuffle to ensure that the military leadership remains firmly independent of elected civilian control for years to come.


In Thai Politics, Tigers and Crocodiles Abound

East Asia Forum

Accusations that Move Forward is too progressive or a threat to the military and monarchic institutions feeds speculation of another coup.


Thailand’s Election: Will the Country Move Forward?

The Interpreter

The Kingdom’s conservative forces may have little option but to give way to the elected parties, at least for now.


Thailand Elections: Opposition Receives Overwhelming Support

Deutsche Welle

Despite opinion polls suggesting the likelihood of a change in government, a history of military coups, court orders, and junta-formulated 2017 constitution sustain fears of the military’s continued rule.

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