Li Qiang


Germany-China Talks to Focus on Ukraine, Climate Change

Deutsche Welle

Scholz and the government here want to signal that “it’s not completely back to the old days where Germany’s relationship with China was all about making money.”


German Chancellor Warns China Not To Change Status Quo By Force

TNL Staff

Besides urging against the use of force on Taiwan, Scholz highlighted the necessity to work with Beijing to solve global issues, including climate change.


China Hands Xi Jinping Historic Third Term as President

Deutsche Welle

Xi was unanimously voted to serve a third term as the president and commander of the 2 million-member People’s Liberation Army.


Xi Cements His Power at Chinese Communist Party Congress – But He Is Still Exposed on the Economy

The Conversation

With a collapsing real estate sector weighing on a stretched banking system, the economy is Xi’s vulnerability.

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