Ferdinand Marcos Jr.


Nearly a Year Into Office, Marcos Gets Mixed Analyst Reviews

Voice of America

“We have really yet to see any major achievements, especially for the lives of the ordinary people,” said Cleve Arguelles, chief executive of WR Numero Research. Despite this, Marcos remains popular in public opinion polls, in April a report indicated that 78% of Filipinos approved of his performance.


Death Toll Rises in Storm-hit Philippines

Deutsche Welle

The Philippines sees an average of 20 typhoons every year, but typhoons are rare in Mindanao.


‘Where’s the President?’ Trends as Super Typhoon Batters the Philippines

Global Voices

Marcos posted a video of his trip to the United States while his constituents was bracing for the devastating impact of the typhoon.


Philippines: ‘Communist’ Book Bans Raise New Censorship Fears

Deutsche Welle

Free speech advocates are concerned the new government of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will continue cracking down on independent media in an attempt to whitewash the history of his father’s brutal dictatorship.


Philippines: News Site Rappler Ordered To Shut Down

Deutsche Welle

The site, co-founded by Nobel laureate Maria Ressa, was known for covering Duterte’s bloody crackdown on illegal drugs. The move comes a day before President Rodrigo Duterte is due to leave office.

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