zero-Covid policy


The Changing Face of Chinese Governance

East Asia Forum

During his first two terms in office, Xi sent signals that created a range of mixed incentives that will guide Chinese governance over the next five years.


China’s Soaring Covid Numbers Raise Global Fears

Deutsche Welle

Investors have welcomed China’s shift away from the zero-Covid strategy as good news for the world economy in the longer run. However, there are more immediate worries about the near-term impact of surging case numbers on trade and industry.


Why Companies Decide To Leave or Stay in China

Voice of America

A recent survey of more than 500 Taiwanese companies shows a quarter have moved a part of their production or sourcing out of China.


China Pushes to Quell Protests Over Billion-dollar Banking Scandal

Voice of America

The scandal has drawn national attention as Beijing is struggling to maintain economic growth in the face of President Xi Jinping's commitment to a zero-Covid policy that has prompted widespread lockdowns and a resulting economic slowdown.


Reports: Chinese Authorities Using Covid-tracking App To Thwart Protesters

Voice of America

In Zhengzhou, protests fizzled after people found their health codes had suddenly turned red, meaning they couldn’t travel.

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