Why Xi Jinping Is Still Willing To Wear the Costs of Zero-Covid

East Asia Forum

Surging cases, faltering health infrastructure, and a wave of self-isolation in China could produce more acute labor shortages and supply chain disruptions than zero-Covid.


Challenges Abound for Japan’s Kishida in 2022

East Asia Forum

Kishida’s new initiative called the “new form of capitalism” has been disappointing so far.


A Response to ‘Taiwan Should Not Risk Booster Shots Over Omicron’

Patrick Ng

Responsible public health experts should emphasize the use of boosters in combating Covid-19 and the importance of vaccinating the world.


Covid in Asia: The Immediate Payoff of Donating Vaccines

The Interpreter

The latest Lowy Institute Asia Power Index shows China and India received markedly less goodwill than other major donors, despite giving significant numbers of doses in total.


Wealthy Nations Starved the Developing World of Vaccines. Omicron Shows the Cost of This Greed

The Conversation

Experts have warned about the inequitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines since the beginning of the pandemic, so why is there still a problem?

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