Fumio Kishida


The Looming Fate of Fukushima’s Contaminated Water

The Interpreter

Environmental concerns in the Pacific come with political risks for Japan’s Prime Minister.


Japan’s Nuclear Dilemmas in a Challenging New Era

East Asia Forum

Unlike in South Korea, Japanese public opinion remains opposed to nuclear weapons acquisition.


Kishida’s Biggest Problem Is Japan’s Faltering Bureaucracy

East Asia Forum

Kishida’s leadership is characterized by a respect for collaboration with the bureaucracy, making his policymaking incremental and colorless.


Would Another Anti-LGBT Gaffe Prompt Reform in Japan?

Xiaochen Su

Japan is the only G7 nation without legislation prohibiting discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.


Japan: Ex-PM Shinzo Abe Assassin Suspect Formally Indicted

Deutsche Welle

Formal charges have been made against the suspected killer of ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The suspect was declared fit for trial after a six-month psychiatric evaluation.


Kishida’s Difficult Year

East Asia Forum

Support for Kishida’s government has plummeted to below 30%. Next year will be no easier with local elections scheduled in April and big issues on the table such as mounting security challenges, a declining birth rate, and overcoming obstacles to economic reform.


North Korea Fires Missile Near Japan

Deutsche Welle

North Korea continued missile launches for a second day, including a potential ICMB that prompted evacuations in Japan. The West condemned Pyongyang’s unprecedented display of military firepower.


Japan Warily Welcomes Back International Travelers

East Asia Forum

In his parliamentary speech in October, Kishida presented his plan to revive the Japanese economy, including a pledge to increase international tourist spending beyond the pre-pandemic high in 2019.


Church Drama Is a Dilemma for Kishida

East Asia Forum

Distaste for Abe and his fellow politicians’ links to the Unification Church has propelled a moral panic about controversial religious organizations in Japan, bringing to mind the media-driven alarm following the sarin gas attacks in 1995.


Japan Conservatives Eye Constitutional Revision After Election Win

Voice of America

Political forces supporting a constitutional revision have won two-thirds of seats in the upper house of the parliament.

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