CJ Sheu


Zhang Yimou Crafts an Unusual Propaganda Film with ‘Snipers’

CJ Sheu

‘Snipers’ is an unapologetic Chinese patriotic melodrama. It’s not for everyone, but there were times that it was able to hint at a more multifaceted story.


What’s in a Slap?

CJ Sheu

Smith was wrong to slap Rock, in public or in private. And Rock and ABC were wrong for approving the joke. But commentators are also wrong for treating this incident the same as they would had all three people involved been White.


‘Microhabitat’ Is an Ozu Adaptation in Both Story and Heart

CJ Sheu

No matter how desperate Mi-so’s situation is, she’s always more concerned for those around her. Our view of her suggests that the critique is not just of modernity, but of contemporary capitalism.


Boredom Gives Rise to Experimentation in ‘The Cloud in Her Room’

CJ Sheu

Films in the quarter-life crisis genre often treat the drifting ennui of young adulthood as an aberration, or at most a regrettable rite of passage. But what if the ennui itself is what gets you through?


‘Being the Ricardos’ Turns ‘I Love Lucy’ into the Nicole Kidman Show

CJ Sheu

‘Being the Ricardos’ has divided critics on everything but one point: Nicole Kidman is a revelation.


The Unexplored Existential Angst of ‘Night Drive’

CJ Sheu

Between the trendy conceits of time travel and taxi drivers taken hostage, ‘Night Drive’ is an original and weird tale.

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