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North Korea Using Ties With Russia to Boost Standing With China

Voice of America

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is strengthening his position with China through his diplomatic engagement with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the three socialist countries unite to counter the US.


Ukraine War: Two Good Reasons the World Should Worry About Russia’s Arms Purchases From North Korea

The Conversation

Arms transfer negotiations between North Korea and Russia are “actively advancing,” according to a US national security council official. This relationship could have significant implications for Ukraine and the UN sanctions regime.


North Korea Says US Soldier Admits to Illegally Entering

Deutsche Welle

North Korean state media said the detained U.S. soldier Travis King expressed a willingness to stay, attempting to escape from maltreatment and racism in the U.S. army.

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On the 70th Anniversary of Korean Armistice: Assessing the North Korea Threat

Antonio Graceffo

North Korea poses a significant cyber threat to the United States with its espionage cyber programs and attack systems, while it also remains a potential catalyst for conflict in the world, aided by China’s powerful arms support.


Experts: China Seeks To Revive Talks With Seoul, Tokyo To Weaken Ties to US

Voice of America

China’s proposed talks with Seoul and Tokyo were motivated in part by economic difficulties it faces, particularly when they happen before the U.S.-Japan-South Korea summit.

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North Korea Repeatedly Complains of US ‘Spy Planes’

Deutsche Welle

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, alleged that the U.S. sent spy planes over the country’s exclusive economic zone eight times.


Rights Activists Say China Neglecting North Korean Refugees

Voice of America

U.S. Congressional Executive Commission on China held a hearing Tuesday to discuss the fate of North Koreans detained by Beijing since the border between the two countries closed during the pandemic.


North Korea Increases Exports of Wigs and Fake Eyelashes, Raising Alarms in US

Voice of America

American retailers may be violating U.S. sanctions by selling wigs and false eyelashes that Chinese firms import from North Korea.


North Korea Space Launch Fails After Rocket Crashes Into Sea

Deutsche Welle

Authorities in Japan and South Korea lifted evacuation warnings not long after the launch. North Korea had previously announced its intention to launch a military spy satellite.


Experts: China Finds Threat in Latest Move by US-South Korea Alliance

Voice of America

From China’s point of view, President Yoon Suk Yeol is expanding South Korea’s military reach — or seems to be — into the Taiwan Strait, experts say.

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