Presidential Elections


Report: China Using AI to Mess With US Voters

Voice of America

China is reportedly using artificial intelligence (AI) to create visually appealing and divisive content to influence U.S. voters ahead of the 2024 presidential election, according to a report by Microsoft.

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Paraguay’s New Government Remains Loyal to Taiwan

East Asia Forum

Despite China’s enormous market potential, the new Paraguay government reaffirms the country's support for the status quo and continuity in its diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.


How AI Could Take Over Elections – And Undermine Democracy

The Conversation

As AI technology continues to advance, concerns over its potential manipulation of political behavior are raised. This article explores the possibility of a political campaign machine called Clogger that uses AI to manipulate individuals’ behavior and change their voting decisions.


Myanmar Junta Forms Caretaker Government; Min Aung Hlaing is Prime Minister

Voice of America

6 months after coup, Myanmar military leader claims both recommitment to elections as well as working with ASEAN representatives.


Pressure on Journalists, Bloggers Mounts Ahead of Uzbekistan’s Presidential Elections

Global Voices

A foreign journalist loses accreditation, a pro-LBGT blogger is beaten and another blogger gets a heavy sentence on dubious charges in Uzbekistan.

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