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After the King’s Death, Thailand’s Skin Is Getting Thinner

After the king’s death, the crackdown on Thailand’s civil society has intensified. In a video that captured the gut-wrenching spectacle, a woman is forced to kneel in public before a picture of the king after supposedly posting critical remarks of the late king online.


'Red Shirts' Violence Extends to Journalists in Malaysia


'Hands off our journalists', media organizations say after violence on the weekend.


Former Journalist Arrested for Islam Tweet in Malaysia


A former journalist was arrested for allegedly insulting Islam on Twitter.


‘Taiwan is not Chinese Taipei’ Banner Ripped Down by Baseball Officials

Yuan-ling Liang

The Chinese Taipei Baseball Association has been accused of ripping down pro-Taiwan independence banners at an international baseball game.


Did the UN Redefine 'Hate Speech' over a Singaporean Blogger?

Edward White

Singapore’s trial of a controversial blogger has led to a new standard for ‘hate speech,' an organization says.


UPDATE: Amos Yee Pleads Guilty to Three Charges of ‘Wounding Religious Feelings’

Edward White

'Prosecutor said I didn't have to wound religious feelings to have intended to wound religious feelings.'


‘That’s a Couple of Weeks in Jail’ – Singaporean Blogger Tweets During Trial

Edward White

Controversial blogger Amos Yee has pleaded guilty to two lighter charges, but still faces up to three years behind bars after turning down a plea bargain to charges of offending religious beliefs of Singaporeans.


Draconian New Law Threatens Human Rights in Malaysia

ZiQing Low

The Malaysian government has passed a law that gives its prime minister arbitrary powers not seen since the communist insurgency of the 1960s.


Beijing to Discuss Cross-Border Arrests with Hong Kong

Edward White

Beijing agrees to talks after Hong Kong complained about booksellers' abductions.


Hong Kong No Longer a Safe Place to Criticize China

Edward White

'No One is Safe.' Does the Causeway Bay booksellers saga spell the end for China’s ‘one-country two-systems’ and pose a serious threat for foreigners in Hong Kong?

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