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Blogger Amos Yee Granted Asylum in United States; Judge Slams Singapore's Persecution

Edward White

The judge concluded that Yee's 2015 arrest and convictions clearly constituted past persecution on account of Yee's political opinion.


INTERVIEW: Fighting a Country with Words, 4 Years a Chinese Prisoner

Olivia Yang

'The history of mankind has gone on for thousands of years, and that of the Communist Party only a few decades. Perhaps one day when they collapse, your books will still exist.'


Language Shaming in Malaysia

Tan Zi Hao

Slamming stuttering tongues is just another act in a long history of oppression, writes Tan Zi Hao.


Chinese Bloggers Who Exposed Thousands of Protests Remain in Detention, No Trial

Edward White

Two Chinese bloggers who detailed thousands of public protests await formal charges six months after being detained. There have also been reports of torture.


The High Cost of Criticism in Cambodia

Rebecca Gidley

The Cambodian government is increasingly critical of the international human rights community, Rebecca Gidley writes.


BREAKING: Singaporean Blogger Detained Seeking Asylum in United States

Kirsten Han

Teen blogger Amos Yee made headlines again and again with two convictions for wounding religious feelings in two years in Singapore. Now, he's spending Christmas in an adult correctional facility while seeking asylum in the U.S.


Thailand Slides into an Orwellian Dystopia

Online censorship in Thailand has become more draconian following the approval of additional legislation last week to curtail freedom of thought, Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang writes.


INTERVIEW: Meet the New Amos Yee

Edward White

Has Singapore’s ‘enfant terrible’ grown up?


Malaysian Authorities Reluctant to Respond to Threats on Journalists

ZiQing Low

A Malaysian pro-government group has threatened to attack the offices of independent news portal Malaysiakini, but authorities are reluctant to take action.


'Dutertard' and Online Politics in the Philippines

Noahlyn Maranan

Are online spaces opening up politics in the Philippines? Noahlyn Maranan takes a look.

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