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Cambodia's Hun Sen Cracks Down on Press Ahead of Elections

Milton Osborne

So while the CPP rails against its ‘enemies’ and seeks to redress the balance of youth support that was evident in the 2013 elections, it has to confront what still seems the unlikely possibility that next year it could lose.


TV Network Pays the Price in Thailand for Calling Leader 'Dictator'

Mong Palatino

Thailand’s army grabbed power in 2014 and has remained in power through a constitution it drafted. The country's media struggles to challenge those in power.

AP_172291242348 劉曉波

Sen. Marco Rubio: An Open Letter to Liu Xia, Widow of Liu Xiaobo


Read the US senator's letter to the Nobel Peace Prize recipient's widow.


The Arrest of Three Journalists Shows a Disturbing Lack of Press Freedom in Democratic Myanmar


'In years gone by, we could visit and interview the ethnic armed groups. Now, under this so-called democratic government, media are being restricted.'


Vietnam: Free Blogger ‘Mother Mushroom’

Phil Robertson

Arrests and activist’s trial show Hanoi’s determination to silence critics.


Singapore's Family Feud: A 'Secret Committee' and the Problem of Due Process

Kirsten Han

'What we’re seeing now is not regular due process; instead, we have a ministerial committee placed between a rock and a hard place, plagued with considerations and intricacies they should never have had to deal with, and a senior official within the Ministry of Law making statements and arguments related to what is essentially a personal matter for the family to sort out, all while the actual Minister of Law is a member of the committee.'


China: Still World’s Biggest Prison for Journalists and Citizen-Journalists

Cedric Alviani

China’s prisons currently hold more than 100 journalists, citizen-journalists and bloggers, including a Nobel peace laureate and three winners of the Reporters Without Borders (RSF)-TV5 Monde Press Freedom Prize.


Waiting for Answers after 30 Years: Singapore’s Operation Spectrum

Kirsten Han

Operation Spectrum’s impact was immediate, writes Kirsten Han. Fear and paranoia spread across Singapore’s tiny civil society.


High-Profile Chinese Blogger Arrested for Online Comments, After Years of Police Harassment

Oiwan Lam

Well-known Chinese blogger and Twitter commenter Wu Bin (吳斌) (@xuicai1911 @秀才江湖) was arrested by Shenzhen national security police on April 27 for making online comments.


How a Teenager's Mysterious Death in China is Eroding Public Trust in Authorities

Oiwan Lam

The most widely shared theory is that Zhao was beaten to death by five other students for not paying protection dues of 10,000 yuan to a local group of bullies.

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