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Hong Kong Scholar, Fired After Visa Rejection, Laments Loss of Freedom

Voice of America

A Chinese Canadian scholar and historian, was fired from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) after being denied a renewal of her work visa.


Taiwan’s Proposed Bills To Regulate Online Content Stir Outrage

Bryan Chou

Taiwan's government announced plans to regulate content on streaming and social media platforms. The opposition Kuomintang suggested they limit freedom of speech and introduce censorship.


China’s Online Meddling Goes Beyond the Great Firewall

The Interpreter

Supporting the human rights movement in China should include fostering a fact-based Chinese-language information environment in which activists can get reliable news and analysis.


When Philippines Democracy Hit Midlife Crisis

The Interpreter

The Philippines’ democracy turned 34 last week but continues to flirt with authoritarian fantasies.


OPINION: Hong Kongers Giving Up as Housing Breaks the Camel's Back

The Interpreter

Hong Kongers are talking about emigrating as it becomes increasingly clear there is nothing 'special' about this administrative region of the PRC.


HONG KONG: Benny Tai's Topsy-turvy Taiwan Journey

Suzanne Pepper

Benny Tai's comments on the future possibility of self-determination for people and places in Greater China was nothing new but Beijing's reaction frames new limits on freedom of speech in Hong Kong.


Lee Ming-che's Sentence Chills Taiwan NGOs

David Green

Lee Ming-che's sentencing to five years in prison in China for the crime of 'subversion' has had a marked chilling effect on the actions and communications of Taiwan's NGOs. The case also suggests Taiwan's wider population faces an insidious dilemma: whether or not to self-censor. 


Is Free Speech an ‘Empty Promise’ in Singapore?

Mong Palatino

An artist and political activist was standing alone before the Parliament House, holding a mirror as an act of performance art. He was led away by the police and detained until he posted bail the next day.


What US and China's Leaders Have in Common

Suzanne Pepper

Donald Trump and Xi Jiping appear to share similar difficulties reconciling their aspirations for national glory with the civil rights and freedoms written into their respective constitutions.

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