Activists Cite Increasing Arrests of Uyghurs With Turkish Connections

Voice of America

Turkey has long served as a refuge for Uyghur exiles, but recently there has been increasing arrests aimed at those who pursue further studies there.

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Ecuador Arrests 6 Colombians Over Candidate’s Assassination

Deutsche Welle

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso declared a two-month state of emergency after presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated.


US Announces Temporary 'Safe Haven' for Hong Kong Residents

Deutsche Welle

U.S. President Joe Biden said the "significant erosion" of rights and "politically motivated arrests" were behind the move. Hong Kong residents in the U.S. can now extend their stay.


Hong Kong: Pro-Democracy Activists Jailed for Illegal Assembly

Deutsche Welle

Media tycoon Jimmy Lai is among those sentenced for their role in a pro-democracy march in 2019. The defendants were found guilty this month of organizing and participating in unauthorized assemblies.

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