Min Aung Hlaing


No International-backed End in Sight to the Misery in Myanmar

East Asia Forum

The most likely outcome in Myanmar is that longstanding hesitation about entanglement in a wider war will discourage foreign players from taking more aggressive, interventionist approaches.


Myanmar Junta Leader Vows to ‘Annihilate’ Opponents

Deutsche Welle

The leader of Myanmar’s military made the threat at a parade marking Armed Forces Day. The junta ousted civilian leaders, including State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, in February 2021.


Myanmar’s Military Junta Has Long-Term Power Plans

East Asia Forum

The Myanmar military has extended its emergency rule until 2023. What does it plan to do in the next two years?


Myanmar Junta Forms Caretaker Government; Min Aung Hlaing is Prime Minister

Voice of America

6 months after coup, Myanmar military leader claims both recommitment to elections as well as working with ASEAN representatives.


Pan-Southeast Asian Agreement Aims To Stop Spillover of Myanmar Violence

Voice of America

Association of Southeast Asian Nations issues five-point consensus calling for ‘immediate cessation’ of violence in Myanmar and ‘utmost restraint’ by all parties.


Myanmar: Protests Erupt in London After Ambassador Locked Out of Embassy

Deutsche Welle

Demonstrators gathered in front of Myanmar’s embassy in London following reports that the military attache seized the building.

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