Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation


Taiwan’s Covid-19 Vaccine Struggles

East Asia Forum

Two lessons emerge from Taiwan’s experience with Covid-19 — even the best measures get eroded over time by complacency and fatigue, and it is nearly impossible to be safe from the virus without adequate vaccine deployment.


How Is Taiwan’s First Domestic Vaccine Being Received?

Bryan Chou

Many young people joked about being part of the DPP’s “internet army,” who are paid by a party to praise its policies, by announcing their decision to receive the Medigen vaccine.


Overcoming the Next Challenges in Taiwan’s Vaccination Campaign

Patrick Ng

As Taiwan’s government is stepping up to secure vaccine supplies from global manufacturers, it should boost confidence in domestically-produced vaccines by asking the companies to kick off Phase III trials.


First Taiwanese-Developed Vaccine May Be Available as Early as July

Bryan Chou

Taiwanese biopharma company MVC said Tuesday that it is looking to offer one to two million Covid-19 vaccine doses as early as July after receiving the Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization.

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