Tsengwen reservoir

Recent Rainfalls Do Little To Relieve Drought in Southern Taiwan

TNL Staff

Since late 2022, southern Taiwan has been facing water shortages due to the lack of typhoons and heavy rain.


Water Supply Suspension in Central Taiwan To Continue Despite Recent Rainfall

TNL Staff

The long-waited rain has temporarily eased pressure on the water supply, but the suspension in central Taiwan is likely to continue.

南投仁愛2天降雨難止渴 霧社水庫仍近乾涸

How Bad Is Taiwan’s Drought?

TNL Staff

Most reservoirs in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli are less than 15% full. Several in central Taiwan are less than 10% full.


Is Taiwan’s Water Too Cheap?

TNL Staff

Currently, Taiwanese people enjoy the cheapest water in Asia, with NT$9.2 charged per unit on average.

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