How Is Taiwan’s First Domestic Vaccine Being Received?

Bryan Chou

Many young people joked about being part of the DPP’s “internet army,” who are paid by a party to praise its policies, by announcing their decision to receive the Medigen vaccine.


The KMT’s Vaccine Politics

Hiro Fu

The KMT has attacked all aspects of Taiwan’s vaccine policy, but it failed to garner support at every turn due to a lack of party-wide coordination.


Cambodia Backs Vaccinations as Covid-19 Case Load Soars

Voice of America

After an outbreak earlier this year, Cambodia's drive to implement a vaccination program gathers pace amid hopes for herd immunity by year-end.

盼居家檢疫後與家人吃年夜飯 桃機湧現返國人潮

Foreign Professionals Are Leaving Taiwan. Just Don’t Accuse Them of Fleeing Covid-19.

Bryan Chou

Some gold card holders are leaving Taiwan to avoid restrictions on life and work from Covid-19. Others are returning home for vaccination.


16 Domestic Cases Reported; Taipei, New Taipei, Yilan Affected

TNL Staff

10 domestically-acquired Covid-19 infections appeared in New Taipei City, with others in Taipei’s Wanhua District and in Yilan County. Though Chen said a move to tighter restrictions on gatherings is possible this week, no new lockdown-like rules were released today.


Taiwan To Start Inoculations With AstraZeneca’s Vaccine as Early as Next Week

TNL Staff

Chen said medical workers are the first group to be vaccinated, and around 60,000 are in line to receive the jab.


Taiwan’s Health Minister Lowers Expectations on Vaccine Passports

TNL Staff

Taiwan’s health minister suggests that the government is not easing restrictions by rolling out vaccine passports any time soon.

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