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Wealthy Nations Starved the Developing World of Vaccines. Omicron Shows the Cost of This Greed

The Conversation

Experts have warned about the inequitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines since the beginning of the pandemic, so why is there still a problem?


Overcoming the Next Challenges in Taiwan’s Vaccination Campaign

Patrick Ng

As Taiwan’s government is stepping up to secure vaccine supplies from global manufacturers, it should boost confidence in domestically-produced vaccines by asking the companies to kick off Phase III trials.


Taiwan’s Health Minister Lowers Expectations on Vaccine Passports

TNL Staff

Taiwan’s health minister suggests that the government is not easing restrictions by rolling out vaccine passports any time soon.


Global Vaccination Is Still a Jab in the Dark

East Asia Forum

Asian countries have largely done a good job containing Covid-19, but the slow rollout of vaccination programs threatens to undermine their successes.

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