International Olympic Committee


IOC Reacts to Cybersecurity Concern Over Beijing My 2022 Phone App

Deutsche Welle

A report revealed flaws in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics app, but the International Olympic Committee said it had been found to have “no critical vulnerabilities.”


The Diplomatic Struggle Over Taiwan’s Name in the Olympics

Global Voices

The Taiwanese team can only compete under the name of Chinese Taipei in the Games. Some are trying to change that.


Anger in Tokyo Over the Summer Olympics Is Just the Latest Example of How Unpopular Hosting the Games Has Become

The Conversation

Tokyo’s predicament is only the latest and most extreme example of the way host cities of international events tend to lose interest by the time they happen.


Japan To Cancel Tokyo Olympics — Report

Deutsche Welle

A member of Japan’s ruling coalition has said the Games will have to be canceled, according to a British newspaper. The Olympics is due to start in July, but 80% of the Japanese population are against hosting the event.

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