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Hollywood Is Making More Movies, TV Shows About Asian Americans

Voice of America

Hollywood TV shows and movies featuring Asian Americans help the diaspora community identify with themselves and hedge against stereotypes of Asian identities in the Western world.


Michelle Wu Becomes Boston’s First Asian American Mayor in Historic Election

Judy Chen

A combination of big picture changes in Boston along with personal talent have propelled Michelle Wu to the mayor’s office.


‘Minari’: Part of a Wave of Second Generation Storytelling About What It Means To Participate in America

The Conversation

Beyond Lee Isaac Chung, who directed Minari, second generation Asian American storytellers are are being candid about the challenges and benefits of pursuing their creative work, in the face of family hopes or fears, or a wider societal resistance to hearing marginalized narratives.


Is ‘Asian American’ a Viable Category?

Albert Wu & Michelle Kuo

What is the value of “Asian American” as a term for political mobilization?


Atlanta Shootings Reflect Discrimination of Massage Parlor Workers, Re-enact Imperial Violence

Janine Sun Rogers

A gunman killed eight people in the Atlanta area Tuesday night, seeming to target Asian American women and sex workers. This incident echoes imperial violence and ongoing struggles of the Asian American migrant worker community.

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