Lee Teng-hui


Jaw Shaw-Kong Wants To Make the Kuomintang Great Again. Can He?

Hiro Fu

Jaw has emerged as the latest figure touted as a savior of the KMT. There are good reasons to be skeptical.


'Always in My Heart': Lee Teng-hui’s Life in 10 Quotes

Denis Li

In speeches and interviews, Lee Teng-hui built a reputation for memorable lines and biting quips. Here are 10 of his greatest hits.


Lee Teng-hui's Complicated Legacy Spans a Century of Taiwanese History

Brian Hioe

Like the history of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui's life went through several political and ideological twists and turns. But the only thing that remained consistent was his advocacy of Taiwanese sovereignty.


A Timeline of Lee Teng-hui's Political Career in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Taiwan's first democratically elected president, Lee Teng-hui, passes away at 97.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Taiwan's Presidents Speak About Taiwan and China

If Lin

Taiwan’s leaders have bounced between terms when referring to Taiwan and China, with Tsai Ing-wen notably abandoning the usual lexicon.


OPINION: Think Twice Before Backing a Referendum on Taiwan's Constitution

Timothy S. Rich

The benefits of a referendum proposed by the Island of Joy and Happiness Coalition calling for a new Taiwan constitution remain unclear.

Lee Teng-hui

Former President of Taiwan Says The War of Resistance against Japan isn't a Historical Fact

Zou Chi

Former President of Taiwan Lee Teng-hui writes, "(70 years ago) Taiwan and Japan were the same country. If we were part of the same country, then saying that Taiwan was at war with Japan isn't true at all."

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