Kao Chia-yu


“Now I Walk My Own”: Kao Chia-yu’s Path, Part 2

Judy Chen

Kao Chia-yu frames her rise as that of a self-made actor against established forces. The story begins in her college years. This is the second part of a three-part essay on Kao and the world that made her.


“Princess in the Attic”: Kao Chia-yu’s Path

Judy Chen

Kao Chia-yu, one of Taiwan’s highest profile political leaders, is a constant subject of sensationalist media attention. What hasn’t been explored in depth is her background, values, and how she came to her position. This is the first part of a three part essay on Kao and the world that made her.


Taiwan: Deepfake Pornographic Video Victims Call for New Laws Against Sexual Violence in Cyberspace

Global Voices

The president vowed that the government would tighten laws to crack down on disinformation and AI-generated fake videos.

高嘉瑜勝選 台北港湖藍天變綠地

Behind the Kao Chia-yu Saga

Nicholas Haggerty

The media-driven spectacle surrounding Kao Chia-yu belies real political forces at play.

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