Explainer: Taiwan’s 2021 Referendum Results

TNL Staff

All four referendum questions in Taiwan have failed to pass, marking a victory for the governing DPP and setback for the opposition KMT.


Tsai’s Poll Numbers Are on the Decline. Why?

Bryan Chou

With the poll figure inching closer to 50%, Tsai’s honeymoon period has seen its end, a foundation says.


How American Pork Could Lead To Wider US Trade Deal With Export Powerhouse Taiwan

Voice of America

Taiwanese officials will lift a longstanding ban on U.S. pork imports to open talks on a free trade deal with its second biggest trading partner.


Taiwan Using Its Close US Ties To Seek Elusive Economic Deals With a Major Trading Partner

Voice of America

Taiwan has signed a memorandum of understanding to expand “economic prosperity” in a meeting with U.S. officials in Washington, on the path to a bilateral trade agreement.

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