Preserve the Truth: Historical Books, Documents in Danger as Marcos Family Returns to Power

Voice of America

Books on martial law have been selling fast in the weeks after Marcos Jr. was elected president over fear that these will be banned or purged.


Philippine Independent Bookshops Become Targets of Red-tagging

Global Voices

The targeting of Popular Bookstore and Solidaridad is the latest in a long and brutal history of red-tagging and state repression of dissent and critical thinking in the Philippines.


The Bloodiest Sunday in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

Nine people were murdered by state forces in the Philippines. Michael Beltran spoke with two eye witnesses.


Philippines: The Tactics Behind Red-Tagging

Michael Beltran

The military and government bureaucracy will never openly admit to it, but there is a stark and disturbing trend of mobilizing state resources against civil society in the Philippines.


Philippines Celebrities Not Immune From Red-Tagging Terror Campaign

Michael Beltran

The practice of "red-tagging" in the Philippines is usually reserved for dissidents, but recent comments from a general suggest that the government has celebrities in their sights.

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