Wang Yi


Blinken Meets China’s Xi Jinping in Beijing Visit

Deutsche Welle

US officials hope Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to China will lower tensions with Beijing. In what was seen as a special gesture, announced at the last minute, the top U.S. diplomat met China’s head of state.


Wang Yi’s Fruitless Diplomacy in Europe

The Interpreter

Wang’s chances of reinvigorating relations with Europe appear fruitless due to both the atmospherics surrounding his tour and Beijing’s inability (or unwillingness) to see how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reshaped European security perceptions


US: No Apology From China for Balloon Surveillance

Voice of America

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi requested the U.S. “change course” and fix the damage done to the bilateral relationship caused by the “abuse of force” in shooting down the balloon, according to Chinese state media.


Insights From Africa As China Stumbles in the Pacific

The Interpreter

Investment, infrastructure, and influence building – what worked for China before may not again elsewhere.


China Says It Is ‘Not a Party’ to Ukraine Crisis

Voice of America

Media reports emerged that Moscow has requested military and economic assistance from China for its war in Ukraine, which China denied.


China Positions Itself as Mediator Between Russia, Ukraine

Voice of America

A mediation attempt would divert international attention from China’s controversial goal of unifying with Taiwan, experts say.


Horn of Africa: China Announces New Envoy as US One Departs

Deutsche Welle

The region is suffering several crises, including the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region as well as political upheaval in Somalia.

Still from 'Spider Lilies'

Queer East Film Festival, Only of Its Kind, Seeks To Forge Global Connections

Rath Wang

The inaugural Queer East Film Festival launched in the late fall of 2020, with ambitions to forge transnational connections between queer communities.


China Uses Money, Diplomacy to Push Back Against US in Southeast Asia

Voice of America

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has held eight meetings year-to-date with counterparts in Southeast Asian countries.


Taiwanese Students Caught in the Middle as Norway Cozies up To China

Bryan Chou

The controversy over the legal identity of Taiwanese citizens in Norway started in 2010, when the Norwegian government first changed their nationality on residency cards from Taiwan to China.

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