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VOA Exclusive: Biden, Xi to Meet at Filoli Estate for 4 Hours of Talks Wednesday 

Voice of America

U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are set to meet at the historic Filoli estate in San Francisco for in-depth talks on bilateral trade, nuclear weapons, and AI.


Biden Meets Chinese Premier on G20 Sidelines

Voice of America

U.S. President Joe Biden expressed his intention to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, despite a 10-month gap in communication.


Did Biden Make a Series of Promises to Xi?

Voice of America

Chinese officials and state media insist that U.S. President Joe Biden has made a series of promises to China’s Xi Jinping, which ought to guide official U.S. conduct toward China.


Joe Biden Calls China’s Xi Jinping a ‘Dictator’

Deutsche Welle

The comment came just a day after top U.S. diplomat Antony Blinken’s trip to Beijing aimed at easing tensions between the two countries.


Experts: China Finds Threat in Latest Move by US-South Korea Alliance

Voice of America

From China’s point of view, President Yoon Suk Yeol is expanding South Korea’s military reach — or seems to be — into the Taiwan Strait, experts say.


Why South Korea’s President Is Talking About Nuclear Weapons

Voice of America

Yoon could be using the issue to send a tough message to North Korea, but it could be counterproductive, analysts say.


The Korean Peninsula: Why 2023 Will Not Be Like 2017

The Interpreter

With Pyongyang provoking with purpose, the temperament of the White House will determine whether there will be a a repeat of the 2017 days of “fire and fury.”


Deterrence Across the Taiwan Strait Demands a Diplomatic Touch

East Asia Forum

A survey in 2022 showed that simply informing citizens in Taiwan that the U.S. would come to help them in a war created a significant boost in their willingness to defend themselves.


Beyond Strategic Clarity: Biden Should Make Clear to Xi That Taiwan Is Not Part of China

TNL Feature

The U.S. should focus more on the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act and the 1982 Six Assurances rather than the U.S.-PRC Three Joint Communiques — the basis of the U.S. One China Policy.


Taiwan’s Foreign Minister: Biden-Xi Meeting Conducive to Taiwan Strait Stability

Voice of America

“There’s been no official contact between Taiwan and China for quite some time. If the United States is able to talk to the Chinese side some of the concerns on the Taiwanese side, that will be very helpful to Taiwan as well.”

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