‘Below the Surface’ Is a Tale Worth Telling Better

CJ Sheu

Below the Surface is agit-prop filmmaking for a regrettable cause that besmirches the reputation of the real-life sailors it portrays.


The Ongoing Battle for Historical Memory in Okinawa

East Asia Forum

Reflecting on the Battle of Okinawa sheds light on the ongoing exclusion of Okinawan voices in Japan.


From Nazis to Noodles: How Shanghai Welcomed WWII's Jewish Refugees

Atlas Obscura

Shanghai's Hongkou was one of the few places in the world to throw open its doors to Jews fleeing persecution in Nazi Germany.


The Curious Curriculum of the 1950s Red Cross 'Bride Schools'

Kristin Hunt

How Japanese women who married G.I.s were taught to be U.S. housewives.


Forgotten Hero: Remembering Sun Li-jen

James Baron

'Indeed, dashing, brave and a natural leader of men, Sun was an immediate favorite with the British and the Americans, and one of the few Chinese commanders that the Allies saw as tactically adept. It was for these reasons that MacArthur, Rusk et al promoted Sun as the only way of staving off disaster in Taiwan.'


How Millions of Secret Silk Maps Helped POWs Escape Their Captors in WWII

Cara Giaimo

The ingenious maps played a role in some 750 successful escapes.

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Chinese Representative Absent at V-J Day Event to Protest Taiwanese Flag


The national emblem of the Republic of China was on the wreath representing Taiwan, and the Chinese representative thus boycotted the event and did not show up as protest. The seat arranged for the representative remained vacant throughout the ceremony.

United States Japan Apology

Mitsubishi Offers More than Six Million US Dollars to Chinese Slaves of WWII


Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has decided to reconcile with Chinese workers that were forced into slave labor during WWII. The total amount of compensation expenses might reach up to JPY$ 8 billion (approximately US$ 6,400,000).

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