Indonesia’s New Criminal Code Turns Representatives Into Rulers

New Mandala

Activists say provisions in the code smack of the Sukarno-era Anti-Subversion Law, a vaguely-worded statute that was used to great effect by the Suharto regime to repress and intimidate dissidents.


Myanmar: What Can Indonesia Do as ASEAN Chair To Help End Overshadowed Conflict?

The Conversation

Indonesia, whose authoritarian leader stepped down from power in 1998, offers Myanmar an example of military reform.


Indonesia: Thousands of Students Protest Rumored Election Delay

Deutsche Welle

President Joko Widodo promised not to delay elections in order to hold on to power, but many aren’t convinced. Monday's protests echoed those that ousted President Suharto in 1998.


'The Jakarta Method' Tells of US Role in Indonesian Massacre

Randy Mulyanto

“Most people know very little about Indonesia, and almost nothing about what happened in 1965-66 in that archipelago nation.” 'The Jakarta Method' retells one of Indonesia’s most significant yet controversial chapters in history, holding Washington accountable for one of its worst atrocities.

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