OPINION: Money Will Not Placate Taiwan's Wrongfully Convicted

Stephen Hsu

Even if Taiwan grants exonerated death row inmate Cheng Hsing-tse the compensation he is asking for, it will never make up for the years he lost behind prison walls.


Taiwan's High Court: Rescuers Not Responsible for Hikers' Safety

TNL Staff

A decision holding rescue teams responsible for the death of a hiker has been overturned.


UPDATE: Waking from a Nightmare, 16 Years on Death Row in Taiwan

Edward White

As a Taiwanese man wrongly held for murder readjusts to society, he has been awarded a record settlement by the courts.

United States Japan Apology

Mitsubishi Offers More than Six Million US Dollars to Chinese Slaves of WWII


Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has decided to reconcile with Chinese workers that were forced into slave labor during WWII. The total amount of compensation expenses might reach up to JPY$ 8 billion (approximately US$ 6,400,000).

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