Activists Cite Increasing Arrests of Uyghurs With Turkish Connections

Voice of America

Turkey has long served as a refuge for Uyghur exiles, but recently there has been increasing arrests aimed at those who pursue further studies there.


A Leaked Report Exposes Government’s Cover-up of Repressions Against Uyghurs in China

Global Voices

Following the leak, the local government in Xinjiang launched an investigation into all families known to have foreign connection.


Arab League Visits China’s Xinjiang Region, Rejects Uyghur Genocide

Voice of America

Experts say the praise that Beijing has reportedly received from diplomats and officials who took part in the trip is nothing more than “Chinese propaganda” and an attempt to whitewash human rights violations.


Can China Win Back Global Opinion Before the Winter Olympics? Does It Even Want To?

The Conversation

China’s international image was already at its lowest level in years in many western countries. How will Beijing respond with the Olympics only weeks away?


ICC Rejects Uyghur Plea for Investigation of China

Voice of America

Despite calls from exiled Uyghurs, International Criminal Court prosecutors say they will not investigate China’s crackdowns against the Uyghur minority.


China Builds New 'Detention Facilities' in Xinjiang: Study

Deutsche Welle

A new study shows that Beijing is still building internment camps in Xinjiang, where the UN estimates that at least 1 million Muslim minorities are detained in so-called re-education camps or other facilities.

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