Strategic ambiguity


The Emergence of ‘Collective Strategic Ambiguity’ on Taiwan

The Interpreter

The United States has shifted to a new strategy of “collective strategic ambiguity” in response to China's increasing military intimidation of Taiwan.


Beyond Strategic Clarity: Biden Should Make Clear to Xi That Taiwan Is Not Part of China

TNL Feature

The U.S. should focus more on the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act and the 1982 Six Assurances rather than the U.S.-PRC Three Joint Communiques — the basis of the U.S. One China Policy.


What Does Biden Mean on Taiwan?

The Interpreter

When Washington doesn’t speak with one voice, its powers of strategic ambiguity are slowly chipped away.


Closer Taiwan-US Ties Are Stabilizing the Region, Not the Opposite

The Interpreter

Displays of solidarity for Taiwan won’t contain Beijing’s ambition, but U.S. support must factor in its thinking.


A Middle Path Between Strategic Ambiguity and Clarity on Taiwan

Jenny Li

The U.S.'s strategic ambiguity on Taiwan is outdated, but 'strategic clarity' may risk war. Policy makers ought to strike a balance.

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