US, Taiwan Launch New Trade Pact

Voice of America

Biden administration officials said the U.S.-Taiwan deal would boost bilateral digital and clean energy trade and that the two partners would open talks to further technology trade and investments.


US Congress Moves Closer to Passing Major China Legislation

Voice of America

The legislation provides funding for U.S.-Taiwan cultural exchanges, recognizes Taiwan as part of the Indo-Pacific strategy, and ends a prohibition of displaying the Taiwanese flag during official visits.


What Pompeo’s Visit to Taiwan Indicates

Ian Murphy

While Mike Pompeo called for formal recognition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on his recent trip, the Biden Administration will remain cautious and keep its options open.


Should US Get Tougher on China Over Hong Kong or Use Other Approach?

Voice of America

One step that the U.S. should take is to work with Britain to seek international legal recourse for China’s actions by virtue of London’s status as a party to the Sino-British Joint Declaration, some analysts say.


Why There Are No Grand Alliances in Asia

East Asia Forum

A regional order that excludes one great power over the other may make sense geostrategically, but be unpalatable politically.


Survey: US Perceptions of China in the Early Biden Era

Timothy S. Rich

Our survey indicates a broadly shared concern about China in the United States, but not necessarily a consensus on what to do in regards to the economic challenges China poses.


Beside the Biden Taiwan Delegation, a New Bill to Match

Rath Wang

A new draft legislation alongside the delegation of former U.S. government officials is yet another sign of continuity and warming of Taiwan-U.S. relations.


Did US Election Polls Fail Again?

Louis Lo

What’s often missing from discussions of the reliability of polls is the social atmosphere in the United States and polling methodology.


'Taiwanese Americans for Progress' Plans For Post-Trump Future

Rath Wang

Rath Wang, a founding committee member of Taiwanese Americans for Progress, writes on the road ahead for the organization after the 2020 U.S. election.


US Election 2020 Live Results


The 2020 US presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 3. See the live results and candidate positions on cross-strait policy.

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