Camphor Press


Settling in Formosa

TNL Feature

“Publishing is not a very profitable business, but we’re looking to educate people about what a wonderful place Taiwan is. It’s an example for the world.”


An Elegy for Tehpen Tsai

Michael Cannings

The life of Tehpen Tsai, a teacher, writer, playwright, and former political prisoner provides a different kind of insight — as valuable as figures of wider renown — to Taiwan’s history.


A Small Press That Seeks To Bring Taiwan To the World

Nicholas Haggerty

Camphor Press is on a quixotic mission to bring Taiwan to the world through English-language publications.


‘Taiwan in 100 Books’ Is Not Really About Taiwan

Nicholas Haggerty

The observations will amuse those of the author's background. Everyone else can appreciate the book for what it is, drawing from it what they wish.

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