Kim Jung-un


Lies, Damn Lies, and North Korea’s Covid Statistics

The Interpreter

Why has Pyongyang suddenly fessed up to an outbreak after years of insisting the virus has been held completely at bay?


A Biden Presidency and the US–South Korea Alliance

The Interpreter

Can Joe Biden, if elected, heal the rift between the two countries, or will he make it worse?


We Should Be Cautious When Speculating About a North Korea Collapse

The Interpreter

When speculation of a regime collapse gets out of hand, especially from people with authority, fears about the fate of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons can fuel an urge to preventively attack North Korea as a way to keep those weapons out of the wrong hands.


Rumors Around Kim Jong Un Reveals Crisis in South Korean Media

The Interpreter

Less than half of South Koreans trust their local media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, and even less trust their coverage of powerful entities. The reasons for this lie in South Korea's authoritarian past.

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