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China Imposes Limits on Russian Banks

Deutsche Welle

China clearly doesn’t want to be drawn any deeper than it has to into the diplomatic and rhetorical war over Ukraine, which may partly explain its move to aid the US and EU in tightening the sanctions on Russia.


Developing Asia Adapts to the Dollar’s Strength

East Asia Forum

A strong U.S. dollar will likely continue for the near future. Asian economies need to prepare for a rough 2023.


Investment in Chinese Bond Market Grows

Deutsche Welle

Investors are shifting into yuan-denominated government debt at a record rate as they seek a safe haven amid the coronavirus pandemic. The shift bears signs of longer-term recalibration of global finance.


How Covid-19 Reaffirmed the Dominance of the Dollar

Xiaochen Su

Asset prices in the U.S. have not quite tracked economic activity during Covid-19. One factor is the movement towards the dollar.

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