Kitchen Cadres: Cooking With Indignation During Lockdown in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

The ongoing lockdown in the Philippines has challenged activists to redirect some of their efforts towards filling empty stomachs, in addition to the everyday protesting, organizing, and campaigning.


New Zealand Locks Down after One Covid-19 Case

Voice of America

Strong response towards New Zealand's first Covid-19 case in six months. It is suspected to be caused by delta variant, but not confirmed.


Why Taiwan Should Pay People To Stay Home

Tyler Prochazka

To ensure everyone in Taiwan is financially protected from the economic harm of Covid-19 and the semi-lockdown, we advocate for an unconditional payment of NT$15,000 for adults and NT$5,000 for dependents.

疫情嚴峻 萬華龍山寺周邊如空城(2)

Taiwan’s Level 3 Covid-19 Alert Extended Until June 14

TNL Staff

Taiwan's nationwide Level 3 alert for Covid-19 has been extended to June 14.


The Case for Snap Lockdowns in Taiwan

Yaneer Bar-Yam

The growing outbreak of community transmission in Taiwan requires a different approach from current practices.


Philippines Lockdown Lifted, No Relief for Frontline Workers

Michael Beltran

The lockdown in Metro Manila may have been lifted, but neither Covid-19 nor the crisis in the healthcare system shows signs of relenting.


Mass Arrests in the Philippines as Lockdown Tightens

Michael Beltran

The mass arrest of 21 protestors on April 1 in Quezon City is the latest flashpoint in the government's draconian lockdown.

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