The KMT’s Vaccine Politics

Hiro Fu

The KMT has attacked all aspects of Taiwan’s vaccine policy, but it failed to garner support at every turn due to a lack of party-wide coordination.


Taiwan Grapples With Community Transmission as a Cluster in Yilan County Emerges

TNL Staff

A cluster of five domestic cases is linked to a baccarat game hall in Yilan’s Luodong Township.


Taiwan Expands Vaccine Eligibility

TNL Staff

Taiwan expanded the access of Covid-19 vaccines to government officials and workers involved in disease prevention, as well as non-medical workers who are highly likely to be exposed to the coronavirus.

秋冬防疫專案 搭大眾運輸強制戴口罩(3)

Taiwan To Tighten Rules After a Rise in Imported Covid-19 Cases

TNL Staff

Taiwan, a success story in containing the spread of novel coronavirus, is tightening regulations in response to a rise of imported cases.


Taiwan Confirms 5 Imported Cases; Expert Calls For Mandatory Testing

TNL Staff

Increasing concerns over the possibility of undetected cases in Taiwan have led to calls for mandatory testing for all incoming and departing travelers.


How Do Taiwan's Coronavirus Hotline and Quarantine System Work?

Syrena Lin

The CECC advises people with coronavirus symptoms to call the 1922 hotline for consultation and reporting. How is a test arranged? What about those who are already in home quarantine?

白宮網站請願任WHO秘書長 陳時中:博君一笑

The Coronavirus Is an Opportunity for Taiwan's Disease Prevention Diplomacy

Abby Huang

Taiwan has been "making friends" with other countries by various means even though it cannot export face masks and other supplies. What can Taiwan provide at the moment?

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