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All I Want for Christmas Is Supply Chain Resilience

East Asia Forum

The higher costs and lower reliability of international freight transport have been a problem since the start of the pandemic. Now, there are some signs that the worst is over.


Apple Announces ‘Human Rights Policy’ Following Criticism

Voice of America

The tech giant’s policy prohibits harassment and abuse and specifies a 60-hour maximum workweek, as well as at least one day off per week.


Taiwan Plans to Shift Medical Supply Chain Away from China

Voice of America

Taiwanese industry experts say the memorandum will bring business opportunities to Taiwan, especially if the U.S. provides technology transfers in advanced medical material.


The Real Economic Victims of Coronavirus Are Those We Can't See

The Conversation

Supply chain workers are not directly employed by the brands for whom they produce goods, and can be left destitute when the work stops.

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