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Coronavirus Interactive Map and Taiwan Updates

TNL Staff

Stay informed with an interactive map of the global coronavirus outbreak and what Taiwan is doing to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

北高旅遊業者赴金門踩線 看好當地觀光

Taiwan to Subsidize Tourism Industry Hard Hit By Coronavirus

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan's government is injecting subsidies into the tourism sector, which has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.


The Politics of Racism as the Philippines Struggles With Coronavirus

The Interpreter

Rodrigo Duterte and his backers appears to be exploiting the public health crisis to wedge opponents at home.


Countries Evacuate Citizens From China as Coronavirus Infections Rise

Deutsche Welle

Thousands of foreigners are among those quarantined in Wuhan as countries scramble to evacuate their citizens from China. The number of confirmed cases in the deadly viral outbreak has risen to nearly 6,000.

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