Wuhan coronavirus


Taiwan Expands Virus Screening After Suspected Community Transmission

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan has seen the first suspected community-transmitted case of the coronavirus. To prevent community spread, Taiwan has expanded its screening measures to include any individuals with foreign travel history in the past 14 days.


Unity Will Prove Crucial to Hong Kong’s Fight Against Coronavirus

Joyce Toledano

As scientists in China and the U.S. race to develop a coronavirus treatment, researchers in Hong Kong say they have already developed a vaccine soon to undergo clinical trials. In the meantime, unity is crucial for Hongkongers to navigate the crisis.


Why Taiwan Handles Coronavirus Outbreak Better Than Singapore

Roy Ngerng

Singapore has adopted decent preventive measures for the coronavirus outbreak, yet the lack of public trust in the government still trigged panic buying. What can Singapore learn from Taiwan?


Chinese Movie Studio Upturned Its Business Model Due to Coronavirus

The Conversation

The coronavirus outbreak has shut down movie theaters during Lunar New Year, causing movie studios with New Year screenings to lose billions of dollars. But one of them thought of a brilliant alternative.


Cruise Ship Carrying Taiwanese Passengers in Limbo Over Coronavirus Measures

Jeremy Van der Haegen

A cruise ship carrying over 1,700 Taiwanese passengers has been sent back and forth between the ports of Taiwan and Japan.


Outrage Over Duterte's Inaction Grips Filipinos During Coronavirus Scare

Michael Beltran

A general distrust in Philippine president Duterte's ability to handle the coronavirus outbreak has sparked protest both on social media and in the streets.


What Taiwan Has Done to Curb Coronavirus Spread

James X. Morris

Despite being excluded from the World Health Organization, Taiwan has moved quickly to adopt measures to curb the domestic spread of the coronavirus.


Coronavirus: Time for Taiwan to Double Down on China Decoupling

Xiaochen Su

Taiwanese firms based in China are further exposed to operational disruptions due to the coronavirus outbreak. It's time for the Taiwanese government to play up its reshoring initiatives.


Authorities in Hong Kong Struggle to Win Trust Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The Interpreter

The Hong Kong government's refusal to close the border has set off a public panic. Is it overreaction – or justified?

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