The Ocean-Wide Quarantine Approaches in Japan and Taiwan

Rath Wang

The way Japan and Taiwan manage their quarantine on arrival systems is marked by difference.


The Case for Snap Lockdowns in Taiwan

Yaneer Bar-Yam

The growing outbreak of community transmission in Taiwan requires a different approach from current practices.

新增3境外移入個案 指揮中心說明(2)

Taiwan Tightens Border Control After Reporting First Case of Covid-19 Variant

TNL Staff

Taiwan's government announced foreign visitors will not be allowed to enter Taiwan from January 1, in response to the first case of the British variant of Covid-19.


Thailand Urges Tight Virus Controls for Big Holiday Celebrations

Voice of America

Thai government officials are mulling over new measures to contain the spread of the pandemic in the wake of a surge in cases among migrant workers. Tourism operators are bracing for an atypical holiday season and a slow recovery ahead.


What Can We Learn From Taiwan’s Quarantine Experience?

Judy Chen

A study from Academia Sinica adds to our understanding of the psychological burdens of quarantine.


Philippines Lockdown Lifted, No Relief for Frontline Workers

Michael Beltran

The lockdown in Metro Manila may have been lifted, but neither Covid-19 nor the crisis in the healthcare system shows signs of relenting.


How Do Taiwan's Coronavirus Hotline and Quarantine System Work?

Syrena Lin

The CECC advises people with coronavirus symptoms to call the 1922 hotline for consultation and reporting. How is a test arranged? What about those who are already in home quarantine?


Netflix to Unveil More Korean Dramas for Quarantine Entertainment

TNL Staff

Netflix will roll out more Korean drama series and films to keep people entertained during coronavirus quarantine.


How Chinese People Came Together With Humor and Creativity During Lockdown

The Conversation

Acts of kindness and humor in Wuhan during the coronavirus lockdown remind us of the human aspects of life, even in times of crisis.


Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About Taiwan's Entry Ban

TNL Staff

Taiwan has banned foreign travelers from entering the country to curb the spread of coronavirus. Here are some useful resources and information on what you can do.

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