Wuhan virus


Superstar Aquarius Docks in Keelung Again With Crew Quarantined on Board

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Passengers left the ship after Taiwanese health officials conducted a sample test for coronavirus. The Chinese crew members were not allowed to disembark.


Anxiety Heightens As Virus Spreads to Taiwan and the US

Jeremy Van der Haegen

The mysterious new strain of the coronavirus has penetrated Taiwan and the United States. International health organisations urge caution.

中國春運30億人次出行 添武漢肺炎傳播風險

Chinese Health Officials Report Huge Spike in Cases of New Virus

Voice of America

136 new cases of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus were confirmed in Wuhan over the past three days, and officials still know very little about how it's transmitted.

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